In cds hello hurricane switchfoot malaysia coldplay on November 23, 2009 by ailyn24voices

I bought Hello Hurricane! Like a week after its release in the states. Though it was spotted in Queensbay like a few days before I bought it. Which, I think is really cool considering I only found Oh!G a month or two after it got released. But THIS CD was printed in Malaysia. So it should be released on time.
Also, I bought Viva la Vida! Finally. BUT, stupid me bought the wrong version. 45 ringgit. I got super excited to see it and it was also a different cover from the only Viva la Vida version so I thought it’s some Malaysian version of the Prospekt’s March edition because I’ve seen that the Prospekt’s March edition is supposed to have a colour with gold lettering but this one was the black and white and red one. :/ I even asked the lady to open the digipack to see if it had the song booklet. Which it did, but I didn’t even realise that it didn’t have the Prospekt’s March’s cover. Oh, and I didn’t check the tracklisting at the back either. I just saw that there was another CD in the digipack and assumed it was PM. Heheh. Neways, I’ve got an illegal copy of PM that Zach gave me so I’ll enjoy that while looking for a legitimate copy. I don’t feel as guilty because I spent what an American would spend on a Viva/PM CD. In ringgit form. Just that I only got Viva la Vida. and a Dvd. oh. The DVD is probably worth some more money so I’m still in debt. Ahah. Ignore my weird calculations right there.
I tried watching the DVD on the laptop but the audio was all weird. Pausing and being slow and stuff. But when I tried it on the dvd player with the TV it was okay. I played the videos on the wide screen TV and it was HIGH DEF, yeah!

I am also in a bad mood because of someone. Ah, it’s sad how we make each other sad. I probably make others sad too. I’m sorry.


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