In cds paramore brand new eyes on November 1, 2009 by ailyn24voices

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Oh man. I told myself I’d update my blog more frequently after PMR, for nuffnang’s sake. But I haven’t been feeling like posting anything, because no one’s probably gonna read my what I post. Heheh. SO. Anyway. I bought Paramore’s Brand New Eyes at Speedy for 41 ringgit (the price tag said 45…. idk). Which is, expensive, but is the average price of an original CD here so go get it peoples. 🙂

I still can’t find a Prospekt’s March edition of Viva La Vida. :/
but it’s probably because I’ve only been looking at the cd shops in Queensbay. And not Gurney. Oh snap I should’ve followed my dad down town today when he went to pick up mayo. oh wells.

Uhm. Okay. So I guess I’ll talk about BNE now. I LOVE IT. I’ve actually listened to a few songs from the album on myspace. So let’s see, on my first listen I wasn’t really listening but nothing really caught my ear. But technically I’m really blur and it takes me longer than others for my brain to process… stuff…. yeah. So I listened to BNE a few more times and only then I could like, remember a certain song and it didn’t all sound the same anymore. Careful, I found myself skipping a lot and going straight to Playing God, because I kind of overplayed Ignorance when it first got released as a single, so, heh. Yes. And Playing God was the song that I really liked listening to on their myspace, and it was actually stuck in my (and Rehanna’s) head during PMR. HAHAH. So. Yes. Playing God is really catchy, and it stands out ’cause it sounds pretty different from the rest of the songs…. in terms of the melody in the verse…. and maybe the chorus too. And the lyrics are pretty direct and easy to understand. Which was not the case for me for Careful. I don’t really get the “the truth never set me free” line. It sounded pretty anti-Christ to me when I first heard it. But according to Hayley’s explanation of the song in that journal that people got with the Deluxe Edition of BNE, I don’t think the truth refers to faith. So yeah. I get the verses of the song, just not that line. Which is weird. I can’t seem to relate the verse to that line. Help?

After Playing God is Brick By Boring Brick. And when I was listening to it on Myspace I wasn’t really listening to the lyrics, so after reading the lyrics in the songbook I understood what the song was about. I don’t LOVE the lyrics but I like em. And the “badaba badababadah” parts are so catchyy and fun to sing. ^_^ And I really like Hayley’s vocals on this song. I especially like the parts in the album where most of the instruments stop and you can just hear Hayley’s voice.

TURN IT OFF. I think, is one of my favourite songs in the album, I think it was the first song I started playing over and over again after getting the album. I love and understand the lyrics, and the though the music isn’t incredibly…. creative or whatever I think it totally fits with the feel or um emotion in the lyrics. And I especially love the ending where only the guitars are playing then the bass and drums come in.

ah. well. i have school tomorrow. baii.

ps: yes. check out that long but not that long compared to other list i’ve seen list of bands. listen to em if you haven’t before. 🙂 and feel free to tell me about any other bands you know. cause I’m looking for new music. and I’m very happy with the fact that I’ve been introduced to about 3 new bands that I really like over the past week.


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