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I’ve finished studying Form 1, 2 and 3 Sejarah. So now I’m doing the 08 PMR paper and it is HARD. I’ll have to go another round. 😦 And I only have like 2 weeks left and science and kh and BM and geo to study for. Ahhh. Help!

Also, tis the season to eat rendang, fa la la la la, hariii rayaaaaaa.
I haven’t eaten rendang, dodol (ohh, dodol) and lemang in FOREVER. I am craving them right now. I don’t think I will be going to any open houses this year though. My BM tuition teacher did tell us to visit whenever we’d like, which was awfully awesome of her. That said, I love Malaysia and the multi-culturalness of it (though I do disagree with the hak istimewa melayu, and some stuff in the form 3 history, which, if I have the time I’ll explain my objections to it), and the FOOD. I think some of my friends would tease me about my small show of patriotism right thur, but eh. 🙂

FREEDOM in 22 days.

[and I am trying to make my blog entries less negative, hence the many edits. x] ]

OH, and btw I found this website, PMR Best , yeah I don’t get the name either lol, it’s got karangans and stuff and is really useful for people like me who have terrible malay and need to read more modal karangans.


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  1. ipostsomuchstuffinyourblog'causeihavesomuchtosaytoyou!HAHA. eh you. wad does 'aiwut' stand for anyway? i thought i was like, AI and wut? as in 'what?' so it's like, ai-wut? xD owh well. i'm going to taiping. come larr..

  2. hahah. my blog was getting lonely anyway. x]I can't goooo, I have BM tuition. heheh. That's why I've been coming late for YP recently. :PI don't knowww. Ai, as in Ai of Ai Lyn and then wut as in what but pronounced 'wut'. It's not supposed to mean anything really it just sounded funny to me. x] and also I guess to commemorate the number of times I say 'what.', which I do, like a lot I think. heh. HEEE.

  3. APALA YOUUU!!!.. bm tuition?? T.T *cries*lol. so i WAS right. yay me! yeah yeah.. i was sooooo right. lol. like they say, great minds think alike. we'll cancel out the fools part. xDyupp, so it's like, AI-WUT? nyahaha. yes u rock gurl. ahh. i cant wait to destroy ur house aftr pmr. -.-*huggles and wuggles*prob aint gona be seeing u until it's over tho.

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