badminton. again.

In badminton, li ning, tournament on September 19, 2009 by ailyn24voices

Today is my older sister’s birthday. Just thought I’d put it out there. 😀

I snuck in about 5 minutes of badminton just now. My plan to study BM this afternoon has gone down the drain, because it’s gonna be 6 now and I’m only just about start chapter 4 of Sejarah.

I like that Thai badminton player. :DDD K. Bon somethinggg. He totally bombed Chen Jin of China just now. And I like anybody who beats China.

And my dad said they (astro super sport) didn’t broadcast the Lee Chong Wei-Lin Dan semi-final match. Like WHAT. How could they? So I was sent by my dad to check the Internet if Lin Dan got injured in his match yesterday (because Lin Dan played 3 SETS yesterday and won by like, 2 points or something, that’s so not Lin Dan.) and had to cancel his match with Chong Wei. Googled but I couldn’t find anything. Geez.

but I think astro just stopped the broadcast. oh wells.


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