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I’m bored again. Banning myself from the boards and facebook and story books is taking its toll on me.

Between this post and my last post, I ate lunch, and studied Perang Saraf. Now I’m on Kesan Darurat and imma try to recall what I read without looking at mah book. 😀

So. Kesan Politik.

1. uhmmmm. Syarat kerakyatan dilonggarkan to get the support of the non-malays in fighting the communists.
2. [shh. i looked.] The Undang-undang Darurat that was enforced also helped to membendung parti-parti politik berhaluan kiri even though they are not communists.
3. fasten the kemerdekaan/ taraf berkerajaan sendiri process. I don’t really get this one, according to the textbook, the British promised to menyegerakan pemberian kemerdekaan to Malaya. By giving Malay independence, PKM will longer have a reason for continuing their perjuangan. WHAT. I don’t get how that relates. Anyway.

4. MCA that was founded helped get the Chinese more involved in parti-parti berhaluan KANAN and so change the other people’s negative views of the Chinese as communists. Because, well, not all of them were communists. Such as my grandfather.

That’s all, politically. Now on to the kesan-kesan terhadap ekonomi.

1. Ekonomi terjejas. (because the communists destroyed all the lombongs and ladangs and stuffas)
2. Perjuangan menentang komunis had menelankan perbelanjaan yang besar. (in buying peralatan ketenteraan and to mengukuhkan the sistem ketenteraan)
3. The kerajaan had to memperbesarkan the Home Guard team, pasukan keselamatan and increase the number of policemen.
4. Because the kerajaan was too busy focusing on devoloping the Kampung Baru’s, they ended up neglecting the development of kawasan luar bandar.

[urgh. my track mania download stopped midway. AGAIN.]

Nooww. Socially.

1. Many many many many many many many MANY people were killed. Anggota pasukan keselamatan, pengganas komunis and orang awam.

2. The penduduk had a hard time moving about and getting food too because they had to follow all the undang-undang. Those living luar bandar tidak dapat menjalankan aktiviti harian.

a. Because of the larangan perintah berkurung, pekebun kecil couldn’t mengusahakan their kawasan pertanian.
b. Because of the catuan bekalan makanan, they were forced to depend on lame, untasty food such as ubi and keledek. (like what they had to go through during the Japanese invasion)

3. Masalah hubungan kaum. So, usaha ke arah kerjasama kaum was done by establishing the Community Liaison Committe (CLC)/ Jawatankuasa Hubungan Antara Kaum.
The matlamat of the CLC is to menjalin hubungan yang erat antara penduduk berbilang kaum in Malaya.

4. The kerajaan introduced the Dasar Pelajaran Kebangsaan.
a. the kerajaan hoped that the locally orientated sukatan pelajaran will instil perasaan cinta akan tanah air in the students.
b. they thought that using the same bahasa pengantar will inculcate persefahaman between our community of many races.



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