Sejarah- Chapter 1- Pendudukan Jepun di Negara Kita

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Penduduk Jepun happens to be a very important peristiwa in our nation’s history. Pemerintahan tentera Jepun in our country berlangsung for about 3 years and a half that is from the 15th of February 1942 till 12 September 1945. The big changes that happened throughout that period of pure torture had menyemarakkan semangat kebangsaan in the rakyat.
1.1 Pemerintahan Tentera Jepun
Pemerintahan tentera Jepun in our country was bercorak ketenteraan.
    Kedatangan Jepun/ Japan’s arrival
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Japan’s rise as a kuasa imperialis started with the rule of Maharaja Mikado Meiji* in 1868. This Meiji dude launched a pemulihan for Japan that stressed on modernisation and industrialisation (pemodenan dan perindustrian).
Negara-negara Barat were used as models to memajukan Jepun.
CHINA that had a lot of bahan mentah dan had the potential to become pasaran barangan Jepun was one of Japan’s early perluasan kuasa targets.

Japan’s win over Russia in the Perang Rusia-Jepun in 1905 menyebabkan Jepun dianggap as a kuasa besar.
*Maharaja Mikado Meiji memerintah Japan from 1868 till 1912. He managed to memodenkan Japan within 30 years through a gerakan known as Pemulihan Meiji.
Perluasan kuasa Jepun until Perang Dunia Kedua (WW2):-
1895- Japan won the 1st Perang China-Jepun
1905- Japan won the Perang Rusia-Jepun
1910- Japan conquered Korea
1932- Japan menakluki Manchuria
1937- Japan won the 2nd Perang China-Jepun
1941- Japan menduduki Indo-China
1941- Japan menyerang Asia Tenggara (which is us)
Faktor-faktor perluasan kuasa Jepun.
2. The pertambahan penduduk Jepun caused the tanah pertanian to berkurangan.
3. As an industrial country, Japan needed bekalan bahan mentah like petroleum, bijih timah and getah.
4. Japan needs kawasan pasaran baru to memasarkan their hasil industri.
AND, things got more desperate in 1940, when Amerika Syarikat mengenakan a sekatan ekonomi towards Japan for not wanting to move out of China.
Japan managed to get a part of China when the Perang China-Jepun meletus in 1937.
America’s tindakan caused —-> golongan tentera pimpinan Jeneral Tojo to attack Asia Tenggera to free Japan from said sekatan.
(this golongan tentera took over Japan’s pemerintahan since Feb 1936)
Now, before attacking Tanah Melayu, the Japanese used propagandas to mempengaruhi penduduk tempatan in our country with slogans such as “Asia Utk Org Asia” and “Semangat Asia”.
These slogans were obviously anti-penjajah Barat and menonjolkan Japan’s image as pembela negara-negara Timur. So was with the “Kawasan Kesemakmuran Bersama Asia Timur Raya” plan by the Japanese.
This strategy worked till the presence of the the Japanese soldiers weren’t even felt as the new penjajahs replacing the British.
This peristiwa gives us the iktibar that good slogans are needed in melaksanakan a misi. (WHAT.)
aaaand, however, as responsible citizens, we should berhati-hati terhadap propaganda from outside.
*Asia Untuk Orang Asia
Asia is for Asians and should not be dijajah by kuasa Barat. As proof, Japan did not attack Thailand because they were not jajahed by Barat.
*Semangat Asia
Asian countries have their own kekuatan and jati diri to menghadapi cabarans.
*Kawasan Kesemakmuran Bersama Asia Timur Raya
Japan’s plan to mewujudkan a zon ekonomi yang makmur that is led by them. (covering Machuria to Australia and the Pacific ocean to Teluk Benggala (near Sri Lanka, India there)
Kemaraan tentera Jepun in Tanah Melayu started when the Japanese soldiers landed simultaneously in Thailand (Singgora and Pattani then to Jitra) and in Pantai Sabak, Kota Bharu on the 8th of December 1941.
Then the Japanese soldiers separated into 2 groups, 1 group headed to Penang continued their journey south through the west coast, and the 2nd group headed through the bandar-bandar utama in the negeri-negeri Barat.
In the mean time, the tentera Jepun in Kota Bharu mara-ed South through jalan darat in negeri-negeri pantai Timur.
(somewhere near Kuantan) The ships “Repulse” and “Prince of Wales” ditenggelamkan on 10 December 1941 by the tentera berani mati Jepun. These two ships were British ships on the mission to menyekat kemaraan tentera Jepun.
In Sarawak, the Japanese landed in Miri. From Miri, they separated and one team went to Kuching and then Sibu. The second team went to Sabah through Labuan and then to Sandakan.
Then, the Japanese soldiers went through kawasan pesisiran pantai for both of the states especially through the bandar-bandar besar.
Hmm. I’m bored. I think I’ll go study properly now.

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