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Sooooo I looked over my past posts on this new blog and it seems that half my posts are about studying. Not good. So I’ll blog about something else.
I went to watch Up on Tuesday! I was pretty cool. I cried within the first 10 minutes, and I do recall shrieking a little everytime Russell or someone almost plunged to their deathhhhh. (note: if you ever watch a movie with me, be prepared to be disturbed with my shrieks)
I have to admit, I wasn’t completely blown away or whatever. It WAS a really good movie. But not super great. I think it’s because ever since June or whatever I’d been reading rave reviews about Up and so I had like really high expectations for it but when I watched it it didn’t quite HIT ME. Ah well. Also, GSC CUT SOME SCENES from the movie. Whyyyy would they want to cut some parts from Up? Also WHYYY was Up rated PG 13? Heh.
Before Up, we went to Borders and I saw this book called Burning Bright. (I don’t really like browsing through all the books in the section to find a good book because there are so many and you don’t really know whether a book is good or not till you read it. or at least, I don’t.) This one caught my attention because of its title (before I die I wanna burn out bright!) Soooo I read the blurbs and stuff and one that made me want to get the book was one that said something the lines of ‘A thoughtful exploration of how we misread each other by being trapped in our own perspectives.’
And also, for some reason I prefer reading books about kids, or teenagers.
Anyway, being the doof that I am, only after buying the book did I realise that the blurb was actually for some other book that the author wrote. lol. Not the one that I bought.
I’m somewhere in the middle of the book now. I’ll post my thoughts on it after I finish it. 😀 Which I don’t think I will, because I should be studying. Heh.

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