In badminton, world badminton championships on August 15, 2009 by ailyn24voices

World Badminton Championships in India! A few days ago it was all *super good experienced player* *whacks shuttlecock* *SMASH* *new but has potential dude gets totally destroyed in two sets*
Two malaysian players that I’ve been following, Wong Choong Hann and Lee Chong Wei both got kicked out the day before yesterday and yesterday. 😦 Little consolation though, I like that the commentator was all ‘He’s just sooooo nice’ over and over again during Choong Hann’s losing game. “He’s just soooooooo nice, so he can’t win” or something like that. hah. And after Chong Wei lost the commentator (who, while commenting on Chong Wei’s games, kept calling him stuff like ‘my pegasus’, ‘my boy!’ and stuff. haha) and the other commentator was all ‘He’s SUCH a gentleman!’ . Well I’m too lazy to explain why they said that now. You can ask me if you meet me.



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