In change, english for teaching mathematics and science policy on July 8, 2009 by ailyn24voices

That’s it.

What the hey. So they’re changing Math and Science back to Malay. In 2012. Sure I’ll be out of school just then but jfdkslfjsdksd. This still frustrates me. I’m gonna go all *activist* ( as my sis calls me) on this.

So what I know they’ve said so far is that Science and Math is going back to Malay, AND Chinese and Tamil schools will have Science and Math taught in Chinese and Tamil.

‘Based on this observation, he said, the government was convinced that science and mathematics must be taught in the language that could be easily understood by the students, namely Bahasa Malaysia in the national schools, Chinese in the national-type Chinese schools and Tamil in the national-type Tamil schools.’

so if the Malays get their Malay, the Chinese get their Chinese and Tamils schools get their Tamil.

I’m wondering, what about English?

geez I can’t believe those high up cabinet people didn’t notice that. Grr.

Way to go Malaysian government, we’re going backwards now.

My brother will be most affected. 6 years in English and his last two years shall be Malay. Heh.

and srsly. 11 years of Science in Malay and then Uni and Form 6 and College in English? Ridiculous. The least they could do is have English medium schools.

‘He said studies by local universities revealed that the level of improvement in the command of the English language by students was nominal, that is, not more than three per cent throughout the implementation of the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English.’


The batch which started learning Science in English fully right from standard 1 is only in Form 1 now.

But it’s okay, I understand. Muhyddin is the Deputy Primc Minister AND the Education Minister. I guess his brain must’ve fried from all that work or something.

-to be continued due to need of preparation for upcoming PMR trials.

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