In Uncategorized on June 22, 2009 by ailyn24voices

I am in Kay Elle. In some kononnya 5-star hotel my foot. At first they gave us a room on the smoking floor and the beds smelt terrible but we managed to change to some other room. And now we get a view of the Twin Towers. Yayy. Took like a billion pictures of it already. But we haven’t had a chance to go near it yet. Will be going tomorrow. By monorail. because dad doesn’t want to take his car out of the hotel parking lot. So we gosta walk. Exercise people.

Spent the whole day in except just now we went out for dinner across the street. Was going crazy being locked in the room with the rest of my family (no mom).

Signing off.

Oh yeahhhh and we thought the super fast internet was free until my suspected something amiss because according to her ‘nothing is free’ so she called up the front desk and found out that it costs 57 RINGGIT for 24 hours of internet.
and we like uh-oh. heh.

so now we have 18 hours left.

and I shall have limited or no internet access for the next few days.
till then, baii.


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