No way are we going back to BM, you hear?

In english for teaching mathematics and science policy on June 11, 2009 by ailyn24voices

So today I opened up the newspaper and as usual there were articles on the possible scrapping of the teaching of Math and Science in English, but then there was this one that I read about some Ulama group being against the teaching of Science and Math in English and also the recent making English a must pass for SPM. Then there was this quote, some ulama dude saying something along the lines of ‘Of course this (making english a must pass for SPM or math and science being taught in english, I’m not sure) won’t be a problem for those who are good in English. What about those who are weak in English?’


That’s so stupiddd. It’s like saying, okay sort of, ish, that ohhhhhh. There are people who are weak in History, so we should abolish that subject because it will be a problem for them.

Urgh. These people are so focused on ‘uplifting the national language‘ (like we don’t have BM being forced down our throats in school already, like any school doesn’t have BM being taught 4/5 days a week and like there aren’t some other 6++ compulsory subjects being taught in BM already.)
and NOT moving forward and staying in that little dream land of theirs where everyone speaks malay and everyone-is-okay-with-it world that they don’t realise how narrow minded they’re being and how, if the government follows what they say it will totally menjejaskan the progress of the country. aaaand resulting in more students like me who can’t even remember the English word for menjejaskan partly because I’ve been forced to write too many mind numbing essays where I over used that word. heheheheh.

Anywayy. Yeah.

I look at the glossary at the bottom of the page and at the side of the pages in my Science revision and text books and see weird words like ‘Tiub Falopio’ and ‘pundi’….. I cannot imagine how things would’ve been like if the ETeMS wasn’t implemented in 2003. Yes I already had to wait till I was ten to have Science lessons in school and I had to endure it in Malay. (but it wasn’t so bad since we weren’t learning that much and not that deep)

Meh and I don’t really see how being weak in English could stop people from learning Science in school. It’s called LEARNING. Whether we learn in English or Malay we’re still gonna be learning new scientific terms and names of stuff that we didn’t know before. Fallopian tube and Tiub Falopio, there’s not much difference (except the latter sounds weirder heh) if we’re learning it the first time. Geez. And all the other words in between the science terms are merely simple English words that’ve learnt since… Form 1 or something. hah.

Sure, my Science teachers’ spelling mistakes and wrong pronounciations and grammar mistakes annoy me a liiiiittle, but I’d rather have that than being taught in Malay. *shivers at thought of being taught Science now in Malay*

(oh and the reason I’m mentioning Science being taught in English more than Math is because Math is mostly numbers anyway lol)

And like dude. Imagine learning Science for 11 years in malay and then when you enter college or uni or whatever everything is suddenly in English! What was once called a perintang is now called a …….. (sorry about my KH reference, it was the first thing that came to my mind) and what you used to call a ……….. for what seems like forever is now called a ……………..
and not just two words. like practically all the plants and cells and human body parts and organs and what not are called something different now.


and also…… shhhhhhh! there were (and still none now) no glossaries in our text books translating the Malay words into English for us (unlike nowwww where there are glossaries and translations for English words into the Malay words)

Actually there’s more that I want to say but my brain isn’t really functioning well at this hour of the day so I’ll sign off. That was my worth less than 1 cent on the matter.

Also, thank you God that I got the chance to learn math and science in english. So much easier to understand and love Math and especially Science now.

and props to the government for not abolishing the policy yet.

and btw, this post took me wayyy longer to write than for you to read.


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