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100th post. gosh. I didn’t know I posted that many. it’s not THAT many but, dude, it’s got like, 3 digits. bwahahh. okay, nvm.

So todayyyy.

Pritam wasn’t as annoying as usual. Hmm. Maybe it was because today she’d finally get to have her lessons back. Because 0800 to 0900 was the last paper for us Form 3s. BM. I told myself, ehhh, no worries, I’ve got the whole weekend to study for a one hour paper…, so it comes down to this.

About half an hour of reading my precious BM Longman revision book until 10 pm when I feeling incredibly sleeping, so I thought I’d take a much needed break, but of course I slept right through till the morning. Even though I set my alarm (which always fails to wake me up) for 11 pm. Ahaaaa.

Neways. Found out later that I only got 7 wrong for that paper. TCHYEAHHHH. New personal best. Highest that I ever got was last year, 32/40. Ahah. My dad’s all ‘It’s THAT hard?!’. Ask me and I’d say yes. Ask my friends and you’ll get a different answer lol.

Uhm. After the BM exam, I got back my Science paper. Well, I got what I studied for. A loww ‘A’.

Alicia and I got into a debate again about Adam and Kris. hahahh. We will never have peace with that.

Also, Pn Azlina came into our class to talk to the Agama teacher earlier in the day. So we asked her if we were gonna have to do our Oral today, and she said yes. So for the rest of the day we were memorizing our Oral scripts like crazy, and then when the two BM periods come, she doesn’t show up. Maaaan. Now I gotta start memorizing again for tomorrow.

Pn Farm didn’t show up for Chinese either. Yay no mandarin oral yet.

Then I reach home at 3.15, eat lunch yada yada, then me and mayo started watching this movie called ‘Dan In Real Life’. It had Steve Carell in it (his HAIR looks like dad’s hair. srsly. so from the back if you don’t see Steve Carell’s larger than my dad’s nose, you’d totally think it’s my dad.) and it was funny, to say the least.

And now I’m here. Typing this.

It’s funny how I have those moments where I’m all ‘I’m gonna blog about this when I get home’ but never end up doing it because the urge to do it has kinda…. dimmed. Like how I wanted to blog about stuff that we discussed in Sunday School, since I don’t really say all that I want to say, and sometimes things pop into my head after the lesson so I don’t get a chance to say it, yeahhh.

oh i just remembered. *goes to watch david archuleta’s vlog.*


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