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Soooo this post is about American Idol.

Hahah some people are saying the AI fever is ‘over’. Not for me it isn’t. Because I only just watched the results show earlier tonight.

1. I really really do not like the song ‘So What’. Especially at the end of the top 13 performance of that Pink song, when they all shouted ‘I WANNA START A FIGHT’ or something along those lines I seriously wanted to laugh.

2. David Archuleta wasn’t there. awhhh.

3. I love David Cook. And that new song. The beginning part of the song I was shushing my sister because she was going on about how all the David Cook songs sound the same yada yada, and she started saying all this after hearing David sing like TWO WORDS. She changed her mind at the end though. HA.

4. Kris Allen. [This doesn’t really have to do with the result show but today when Adam C on said something along the lines of ‘I don’t think Kris Allen deserved to win. They say he won based on his looks, now I don’t think that’s a very good reason for winning, do you?’
Heh. Mad. Was. I. Adam Lambert probably has just as many fangirls as Kris. And duuuuude deejays shouldn’t be so bious. Because they may get calls from people who tend to overeact like me calling him and setting him straight on facts.]

meh. it’s real late. i’ll continue this completely unnecessary post in the morning.

also, worth mentioning, it was Joanna’s birthday yesterday!!! and Bing Hwang’s birthday the day before! And Mr. Jeveraj’s birthday on the same day as Bing Hwang’s. whoah.


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  1. I HATED Pink's So What as the final Top 13 song.It was like a big "Stuff You" to all the Americans who didn't vote for them cause they're still "rockstars" haha.

  2. ahahahh. EXACTLY!! and maan the AI producers picked like the worst songs for them to sing this year. ah well.

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