Hello Hurricane

In hello hurricane, switchfoot on May 12, 2009 by ailyn24voices

Hello hurricane,
you’re not enough.
Hello hurricane,
you can’t silence my love.

THANK YOU Rawkerdood for uploading the recording of the Hello Hurricane preview! Go to LOBH the awesome-est site ever to download it. It’s INCREDIBLE. I already called up Rehanna and Natalie and played it to them through the phone. Hah. It’s so catchy, and even though I told myself that I’d just listen to it once and wait till it’s officially released, but noooo, I think I listened to it like 10 times already. Though I’m trying not to listen to it anymore. lol. Ah. Love.

Also, this

please read.

I totally remember in Form 1 there was this ‘Dapur untuk Dafur’ thing where you donate money and you get some t-shirt with Mawi’s face on it. uhm.


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