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‘Your love has rearranged my heart.

– Forever and A Day by Sanctus Real.

So my MP3’s screwed, together with all the 4 or 5GB worth of songs in there. :/ So after after being deprived of my mp3 format songs, and only listening to the original CDs on my rack, I remembered that I have some CDs that I burned with most, not all, of the songs that were in my mp3. Of course the songs that I just added to my mp3 within the period of the last 5 or so months were not on these CDs, but oh well. The songs I’m listening to now are just as good.

*I Love You- Sanctus Real*

I’ve decided that I need to have at least ONE picture in each of my blog posts from now on, to brighten things up a lil. 😛

Por por called. So I went downstairs to give mom the phone. Saw a jar of jelly beans. Took one. Put it in my mouth. Saw a tupperware of pasta that my mom had abandoned temporarily while on the phone, ate a spoonful of it while the jelly bean was still in my mouth.

+ [insert picture of tasty lookin yellow jelly bean here]

oh yeahhh. I have that habit of not finishing the food in my mouth before putting more food in. So there’s your ‘thing I did not know about Ai Lyn’ thing for today. 🙂


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