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You’re looking for something you can’t find
If you give it up you’ll lose your mind
There’s always something in the way
What can you say?
You’re gonna have a good day.

Good Day- The Click Five

Ah yes. I’m going through all the old songs that I haven’t listened to in forever.
I like this song, I used to listen to it over and over again because it was so catchy. I sang along to it a billion times, but I never took the time to look at the lyrics and try to make sense of it. To make it mean something to me.

Uhhh. I’m not sure what those words mean to me. I think I get the general message/feeling it’s trying to convey, but it doesn’t fully make sense to me. Ah well. I’ll just leave it, and go and have a good day (of pure confusion). 🙂

Also, I listened to all (well the ones on this computer anyway) the old Jonas Brothers songs I used to listen to. No, not that Burnin’ Up crap. Songs like You Just Don’t Know It and Time For Me To Fly ( 😮 When I tried typing ‘time’ the first time, it came out as ‘Tim’. and then when I typed ‘for’ I typed Fore instead. LOL. Heh. You’d get this is you know SF.)

Neway, I love these songs. *wub*
Why did I suddenly decide to listen to all these old songs that I had abandoned for a while?

Because my MP3 player has been spoiled for like a few weeks now, and my radio has been taken to May Lyn’s room since last month and I don’t have a radio in my room anymore.

I hope I can still get my songs from my MP3 player, because I don’t have a back up of some of the songs in there. 😦

feels like listening to: the rocket summer


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