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The most unbelievable thing just happened.

My new incredibly expensive camera that cost a lot of my parents’ hard earned money…

srsly. it did.

And no, it didn’t just drop on one step, it had to BOUNCE ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP OF THE STAIRCASE ALL THE WAY DOWN STAIRS.

Really, it bounced, but don’t imagine the whole ‘toink toink’ bouncing sound. Because everytime it hit a step (I think it bounced at least 3 times) it went ‘THUD. THUD.’ like really loud. really really really loud (because this camera is REALLY bulky and heavy). I thought I was SCREWED.

‘…… no way the camera is okay.’

I totally FROZE as I was at the top of the staircase watching my camera bounce down the stairs. And then when it finally stopped crashing/bouncing, I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed that what had just happened did NOT just happen. And that when I opened my eyes I would have gone back like 5 minutes to the past and the camera would not have just crashed down the stairs.

But of course when I opened my eyes, the camera was still lying there, at the bottom of the staircase. (the camera even managed to knock down this big fake plastic stand of flowers on its way down the stairs)

I can be such an idiot.

Of course, this was entirely my fault. I put the camera in my bag and I didn’t zip the bag up properly. And the zip sort of unzipped and I noticed that the camera was about to fall out so I was about to reach for the camera when… IT HAPPENED.


….. but guess what?

After yelling for my dad, and Tee Ming came out of the room to see what happened, I checked the camera expecting the worst (but hoping that it was okay, even though it seemed impossible) and well the first thing I saw was the the battery cover was displaced, so I pushed it back into place. Not broken, or anything. I checked the rest of the camera and there WASN’T A SINGLE SCRATCH. The lens looked PERFECTLY FINE (even though the lens cover came off when the camera first bounced). I say looked, because I’m scared there might be some internal thing that is spoiled. Anyway, everything looks FINE. Again, I’m terrible scared that something inside the camera might be spoiled, but till now nothing seems to be wrong.
I turned the power on and the camera could still work.


I can seriously vow and swear that this (Canon Powershot SX 1 IS) is the TOUGHEST camera you will ever find.


2 Responses to “OH MY CAMERA”

  1. Gosh, I hate moments like that. Same thing happened when I got my first cellphone. I was like *cringe* when it fell over and then panicky over it.But 4 years later, and many more accidents and my cell still lives. Nokia 3205 – my mini brick (with my personalised O!G cover. ahah XD)Good to hear those Canon Powershot SX cameras are tough though. I've been planning/wishing for my own Canon SX digi camera. 😀

  2. haha YEAH. it was zoopah scary. Snap, your cell's a real toughie! and that O!G cover must look so awesome. x]Cool! Well if you have any questions about this model, feel free to ask me. 😀

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