TODAY (yet another long rambling…. with some personality test results analysis)

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Today…. let’s see

I woke up at 10 am something. Thank you Mr. Alarm Clock which is usually not loud enough to wake me up on week day mornings.

I ate a pancake. Yummm.
Drank milk. ( I wonder if drinking milk is the reason I’m sleepy in the mornings. Because Miss Ho (My violin teacher), or as what I’ve recently taken the liking to calling her, Mis Sho ( but I believe she threatened to strangle me if I ever call her that again (oh how I love how many brackets I have within this bracket), says that milk makes its drinker sleepy. I think I read that in Reader’s Digest too. (but Reader’s Digest is crap nowadays. And RD is also the reason why my sister believes that:
1. Sleeping can help you lose weight.
2. Eating… um I can’t remember what it was, but whatever it was, if you eat it, you’ll lose weight too. Whatever it is, it’s pretty ridiculous.
Sooooooo, back to the milk thing, I asked my mom if drinking milk makes someone sleepy and she said no.

So I don’t know whether drinking milk makes people sleepy or not.

But even if milk is the reason why I’m so sleepy in the mornings after drinking milk, then heck with it. NOTHING WILL TAKE ME AWAY FROM MY FRESH MILK. Even if it’s the lousy Malaysian milk. I even drink milk for lunch and dinner when my friends don’t drink milk at all. But I’M the one who ends up with bone aches. Hahah.


I plopped myself on the sofa and watched TV for a REALLY LONG TIME. Which I shouldn’t have done. Because I have mid year exams in 4 weeks. And a GEO kerja kursus which is due next monday, but I haven’t even touched it.

I watched the Kid’s Choice Awards. :DDDDDD
Which yes, was shown in the US like a month or two ago I think, and premiered in Asia on Sunday earlier this week. So I’m watching it really late. But whatever. It was so coooooool. I think I still have a right to like the KCA, being 14 and all. I’ll have that right forever actually, so when I’m 18 and watching the Kid’s Choice Awards, don’t mock me! πŸ˜›

Things I noticed about this year’s Kid’s Choice Awards:

1. Dwayne Johnson, the host. I believe he was shirtless 70% of the time he was on stage. Bleahhh.

2. How everybody on stage keep saying ‘the kids’ or ‘you kids’. hahahah. Even though some of them themselves are still kids.

3. David Archuleta. *wub* I know, it’s sick how fangirlish I am of him. But please let me swoon here, it’s my blog afterall. πŸ˜›
Let’s see, he was sitting in between both his parents (cue ‘aww’) and when they announced AI as the winner for Best Reality Show or something he was all ‘Should I go up?’ (2nd cue for ‘awww’.) and then, I think his hands were really sweaty or something so when he went up on stage to get the blimp, with Paula Abdul, he was shaking hands with the presenters of the awards and everything, and he was shaking (okay… I don’t know how to say it. Like when your hands are wet you’ll sort of wave it, no wait wrong word, uhhh, shake it?…. to get your hands to dry) his hands and he was all ‘Sorry, my hands are all sweaty!’ to the big buff dude, John Cena. And he was wiping his hands on his shirt (when I typed that out, it actually sounds disgusting… I don’t know, it’s just really funny and david-ish how he was doing that on stage and all) and the John dude was all ‘hahaha, it’s okay’. (aww)

Yes, I know I put in a lot of unnecessary ‘aww’s.

anyway. he was being the awkward funny humble and not-celebrityish person that we all love so much. hah.

I can’t believe I just wrote an entire paragraph on David Archuleta. Gosh.

4. The Jonas Brothers are like the opposite of David. Except Kevin o course. Nick and Joe are so…. diva-ish. Or maybe they’re just really nervous about speaking in front of such a loud crowd and so they were trying to sound professional and all in their thank you speech. Awh.

5. I loved the animated cartoon burping thingy. LOL. I don’t find burping funny or anything, it was the other quips during the burping contest that I found funny.

6. I like that they now (or did they have it before?) have a Favourite Book category. πŸ™‚

Me thinks that’s it.

After watching KCA, I watched Look Who’s Talking. That was cool. The baby’s were cute. But Julie in Look Who’s Talking Too takes the cake for me.

Ahhh. I need to stop blogging about stupid materialistic but fun stuff. (but that doesn’t mean I’ll actually stop forever. hahah. I just meant that I have to stop now, because I have to go to bed now.)

Goose Night!

edit: Oh wait, after I published this I noticed that I completely blew on the whole analysis of my personality test results, which I have been meaning to do for a long time, so yeah. heh. maybe next time.


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