Change gonna come…

In Uncategorized on April 17, 2009 by ailyn24voices

So I’ve made some changes to my blog’s layout and appearance. Yes. What once was on the left is now on the right and what was once on the right is not on the left. Why? I figured that… well it’s hard to explain really..
that if the start of all my sentences (in my blog posts) were in the middle, it would be easier to read. 🙂

And also, the background colour of my blog has changed. Didn’t you notice? It’s now a LIGHTER black. Hahah. And my text colour is also a DARKER white. I’m not joking, I’m just probably using wrong colour terms, that’s all. 😀

I’m also resoluting to make a more suitable banner to use as my header. The Paint Shop Pro window has been open for about an hour now with an empty canvas…..

ps: yes, I realise that I used a song title with a real deep meaning to it as the title of this small trivial post. heheh. sorry.


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