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I’ve got a blocked nose. Heh. Vicks helped for a while and then my nose got all stuffy again. Mehhh. DOH.

Anyway, today….

I was on time, JUST on time to school again as usual. Heh. And dad’s new found short cut [or rather long cut, because it’s really a longer route just that it takes less time to go to school that way because it has less traffic lights than our usual route which has like a billion and one traffic lights mostly for pedestrians, but whatever]. And, yeah, we reached school at 7:35 I think. Which is when the bell should’ve rang.

First period was PJ (Pendidikan Jasmani/ Physical Education)
Tell me WHYYY do we have to write and sing a poem/tuneless song for PJ? Is it PHYSICAL in any way at all? Nope. I think my group got 1 out of 10 or something for our presentation of our poem. Because Pritam didn’t like it at all. Heh.

Next was two glorious periods of Chinese. Didn’t really have a proper lesson today because Pn. Farm and the other chinese girls were looking for a Chinese song for our class to sing for the Chinese Singing Competition for Minggu Bahasa next week. So while I was doing my math tuition homework, I was treated to the sounds of Cantopop-ish sounding music. I believe I even heard a chinese rendition of some ol mambo song and also High School Musical’s Bet On It. HAH. And then there was this cool one, which was all soft and sad and apparently, according to my teacher, was saying something along the lines of ‘when I see your face again after 1000 years’ or something like that. Hahah. But the rest of the class thought it was too sad and slow for us to sing so, oh well. I’m not sure what they ended up deciding on though, so yes, I believe this Chinese Singing Competition thingy will be the first time I’m actually getting up on stage in school and singing. Hah. This is going to be rich. And I can’t believe I actually VOLUNTEERED for it. I mean, if you know me, you know that I NEVER [the term here being used a bit loosely] EVER like or willingly sing in front of a crowd or anything. I don’t join my friends when they’re presenting a song for Easter, I have not performed in a choir since that time, you know a really long time ago when our church had this Christmas Choir and they needed some kids to sing a few lines for this one song, and I remember going all the way to Taiping to sing with the choir, but that was totally cool, because they gave us these cool glow sticks to hold and we kids had SO much fun playing together after we had rehearsed or performed that small little part we sang in that ONE song, so YES, that was incredibly fun, and I will never forget that night after we sang in Taiping when we went INSANE with the glow sticks…. and um, slippers? if I remember correctly. Hahah.

Oh gosh I can get so sidetracked sometimes.

Anyway. Yes. So I’m sort of kind of okay with this whole Chinese singing thing because I’m going to be singing with like 20++ of my classmates. So it’s cool.

Yes. So after Chinese was English. And Asmimi ( Oh how I love that we students call our teachers by their not-so-formal names when they can’t hear us. Of course there was that one time when a teacher came into our class and asked who was the teacher who entered our class before her and so I blurted out ‘Kamalambal’ without thinking. Heeeeeehhhh. ) gave us a little too much time to do some grammar exercises from a workbook. And I also found out that the Spelling Bee she’d been telling us to sign up for was actually only for the Form 4s, and also that the Spelling Bee was over already. Hah. And she was all ‘I can’t believe we lost in SPELLING’ (she’s saying this in reference to the fact that our school lost in the spelling bee to another school) when she can’t spell ecstatic, and writes off the word ‘burly’ as an adverb because it has a ‘-ly’ at the back. Seriously. I understand no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But she refuses to admit that she has made a mistake. It stinks, really.

And after English was our extremely short 20 minute break, and after that was Math. Math was great as usual. Mr. Ooi is THE BOMB.
Except for when he makes my friends repeat 300 times the correction for their math mistake. ( Though I know it’s for our own good. Because he’s taught to NOT do something but we end up carelessly making that same stupid mistake. And this way maybe we’ll actually remember not to make the same mistake) It is kind of funny. But sad too. Heheh.

After English was KH, and I had to find Pn Suriyati (as newly elected assistant monitor, heh, though I had to do the monitor’s duties today on my first day of being the assistant. heh. The monitor was absent today. O.o I keep forgetting that I am, but good thing I have Gartinne to keep reminding me 😉 ) as usual, because she never seems to remember when she has classes, and as usual she was in the canteen, chatting with her colleagues.

And after KH was IT. I couldn’t present my slides because the rest of my group was absent. So I spent some time browsing the LaSalle College of Arts website and looked at all the admission requirement and also found out that application fees can be SO EXPENSIVE (srsly, 125 singaporean dollars?!?).

And then I went to the car, with a 10 kg load on my shoulders, to find out that my little brother complaining about being famished. Hah. He totally wanted to go into my school to buy some snacks, but then he ran the WRONG WAY, as in he’d only have to run like 10 metres to the right to reach the school entrance, but nooooooo, he ran for like 50 metres to the left and only after reaching the end of that path did he realise that he’d been running the wrong way the whole time. HAHAHA. And so he had to run all the way back to the car, and by then he was too tired to run into the school to buy himself a snack. LOL.

I’m thirsty. Aaaack. Oh look! A bottle of water! *drinks*

I do not love how my blog posts never have a main idea that would make it easier for whoever reads this to be focused on. Hehhhhh. Gosh, I have the most unreadable blog EVER. hahah.

Also, Nat’s semi-final Georgian Idol performance was today, but I couldn’t stay back to watch her. 😦 I hope she did well. I even saw her when I was rushing to go home but I wasn’t expecting to see her so I was going to say ‘hi’ and then I saw a guitar on her back and I was like ‘:o’ ‘what’s that doing there?’ and then I realised it was for her performance and I was like ‘ohhh’ but by then she’d already walked past me so, heh, sorry, Nat, for the lack of friendliness. heheh.

Also, something I should’ve mention like at the beginning of this post
It’s his 73rd birthday! Go Kung Kung! HAIII if you ever get a computer with Internet access and find out my blog address and actually see this post dedicated to youuuuuuuuuuu.

I loved what you said about being thankful when you wake up every morning and see the ‘whaat ah, uh, the SUN’.

Love you, Kung!

and thus I shall end this extremely long and unreadable blog post. x]


5 Responses to “Ramblings…”

  1. Heh, I think it's fun to read with all the different colours 😀

  2. lol. thanks. x] yeah I got the whole 'colouring' idea from a friend. 😀

  3. what happens if I tell you I will personally get kong kong to come read your blog? hahaha. I'm definitely not joking.

  4. and my God… this post is super long. God knows I only read one part of it,and post the first comment. the second one only come up after so much unnecessary toture!!! wakaka. I love the part where tee ming ran for more than 50meters, but it's nothing la. next time make him run longer.50 meters so short no need to run also. or you mean 500 meters. haha.

  5. bahahahah. YOU WOULDN'T. Twould be awkward. >.<and I can't believe you read the whole thing! haaaaaa. Get ready for even longer posts….actually I think it was more than 100 metres…. because he ran along almost the whole side of the field. my estimation is very bad lah hahah

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