In Uncategorized on April 14, 2009 by ailyn24voices

duuuude. I need to get my life straightened out because recently:

– I have too many unfinished [most of them HALF finished] homework that are WAYYYY overdue. and for some reason I can’t get myself to finish it.

– I skipped karate on Monday.

– I skipped school today because I have a sore throat.

– THAT, resulting in me losing I think 5 MARKS for Moral mid year marks because I didn’t get to do my presentation due to my absence [ my sick letter is totally legit and true, btw, but of course I don’t think the teacher is going to believe it due to all the other bogus sick letters out there ]

– PMR trials are in… 3 months? and I still haven’t been following a revision schedule and so I think I am incredibly behind in my revision for 7 subjects, each 3 years worth of facts.

– My addiction to teenage novels is getting pretty unhealthy. Because I’ve been reading instead of doing my homework.

– my wanting to sleep all the time… and then not sleep when I’m supposed to sleep.

– and most importantly, my lack of discipline causing me to have not read the Bible and doing my quiet time in the past few days. I’m terrible. Terrible, I tell you.

this sore throat is killing me. and I have to go to school tomorrow.


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