it works! ………………………….

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2009 by ailyn24voices

somehow, I don’t know how, but somehow, cow, brown cow, tell me how

but my period key is working again. YESSS.

enjoy this bout of dots.



aaaaand. I just realised that I have very little time finish up all my holiday homework that are all due on MONDAYYY.
because this is my sort of, kind of, almost hectic and full weekend I have planned

tomorrow morning: Spice garden. Picture taking. Suh-weeet.

tomorrow afternoon: Piano, Violin. moooooooooooooosic.

tomorrow night: BM tuition. till 10 AT NIGHT.

tomorrow midnight: will be watching cheesy old romance movies during sleepover with zara and zian.

saturday morning and after: MOOOOVIES. and possibly some cycling.

right before YP: JUUUUNO with Nat and maybe Tab.

afternoon: YP

Night: I THINK I have Science and Math tuition. I’ll have to check.

Sunday: Church

which leaves me part of Sunday afternoon and night to finish up all my work.

Ohhhh boy.


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