you and I bothhh

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Yeahh You and I Both by Jason Mraz is stuck in my head
also the period key on this keyboard is spoiled
so there shall be no dots
in this blog post
ohhhhh ROT!
i think i see a ghost

ah yes, a pathetic attempt at rhyming

i am pathetic
-at song writing
-at being noticed
-at not screwing up
-at having fun
-at finishing homework on time
-at talking
-at approaching
-at making something last [no not last, first, LAST, i mean LAST LAST forever ish kind of LAST]
-at explaining something
-at saying what I’m trying to say

Hence hopefully by undead-ing my blog [once again] that I will improve in my um, English and um, be able to write down and say what I think using proper words and sentences [missing dot]

Hopefully no one reads this blog post
Yep sometimes I wish I had never given anyone my blog url
so that I can my secret online diary
sometimes when I’m typing a blog post I seem to be typing it to myself and so I type my blog post as if no one is going to read the content of my post
which is stoooopid I know
I’m pretty much doing the same thing now
but I think it’d be a waste of typing if I don’t publish this post
but anyway it’s not like anyone wants to READ my ramblings

gah I wish I could write something people would actually read and understand

Oh and FB is being annoying
I can’t seem to figure out how to see all the photos index and the notes index
and for some reason I have this incredible urge to actually do that whole ’25 Random Things’ that’s been wayyyyyy overdue
because I think I was tagged like a month ago
by like 10 people
maybe I should do it now
here we go

25 Random Things

1- I stink at making lists
2- I am an introverted extrovert [ I can really shy and I can’t be really outspoken too, totally depending on my mood, surroundings, people I’m with, y’know]
3- I kick myself [not literally, I’d kick myself in my head if I just did something I regret]
4- I am awkward [try holding a conversation with me, you’ll see]
5- I canNOT dance
6- I iz clutz
7- —- oh great, i’m stuck already
7- I wish I had a good guy friend [‘why a guy?’ you may ask, i don’t know either]
8- I am incredibly indecisive [but WAIT, recently I’ve found a way to curb my indecisiveness problems, that is to just HENTAM-yayy- It’s effective, but brings to wrong choices]
9- I miss my hamsters 😦
10- I wish I had a dog
11- which reminds me, I miss Bubbles 😦
12- I also miss some people who I shall not name here

I’m gonna stop here
because I’m stuck
and I am not going to post that facebook

oh yeah and I’ve really been getting into Unfabulous and Ned’s Declassified again
and Nick’s showing em everyday now
though a new episode is rare
i wish ned and moze would be together alreadyyyy


2 Responses to “you and I bothhh”

  1. wakakaka, i got read!!!! hahaha

  2. gah, YOUUUU

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