In Uncategorized on February 7, 2009 by ailyn24voices

uhh. My astro broke down yesterday…. so sad. So while I freaking out and trying to get it to turn on, I decided to watch a DVD, came across the SF live in M’sia recording.. watched it! FUNN. sang and clapped along, closing my eyes trying to relive the concert in my head… not much fun doing it by myself though.. lol. yep. anyway. that was funnn. sigh. Then I remembered that I talked to SF on the phone…. and then I tried remembering how it all went down, and I COULDN’T REMEMBER. Not everything at least. I had to go look at one of my old posts to see what I said about it when it had just happened. But that post wasn’t even complete. dgahh. It really seems like it was all a dream now. hmm..

OH. and I haven’t been able to go online for the past few days and I MISSED posting a post to commemorate the YEAR since my first Switchfoot concert. ^_^ anyway I’ll do it now. 02.02.08

sigh. I don’t have time now to type down about the concert right now, I have to go to church in about half and hour but I’ll say that it was an awesome awesome awesome way more than fine experience. 😀

Yesterday…. I went for my first BM tuition. It was otay. :] Had to write a karangan, and yall know how much I hate writing karangans especially when I don’t know what or how to write what I want to write. But it was cool, that if I wanted to translate any English word all I’d have to do is ask the teacher. lol. Goodbye Dicky. I have someone else now.

oh and then when I reached Z and Z’s house.. I srsly thought I lost my phone…. because I couldn’t find it in my pocket [where I thought I put it] and I couldn’t find it in the car either, Zian helped me look too. Then I came to the painful conclusion that the phone must’ve fallen out of my pocket when I was sitting down outside of the tuition place waiting for my ride. I was planning on calling the tuition teacher and all till Zian asked me to check my bag… I checked it and TADA. my phone was there. Thank God. and SHEESH AI LYN WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO ABSENT MINDED. heh.


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