mes gonna update my blog more-er

In Uncategorized on January 16, 2009 by ailyn24voices

hahah. and what a stupid time to say that too, with my PMR coming and all. oh wells. i’m only too impulsive.

lemme seeeee.
Today today today.
Had one of those *moments* where I think someone is talking to me but really is not and so I answer them or wave back at them when they’re really not waving or talking to me but is talking to the person next to me or behind me or something. Oh YEAHHH. happens all the time to me. no biggie. but still. I don’t like how it feels when I realise what I’ve done.

Umm. SCHOOL TOMORROW. Booo. Till 2:30. Then go for YP at 5:15 till like…. late at night. boo school.

Yesterday yesterday yesterday.
I waved to some random school dudes in the bus in front of Aunty Fang Fang’s [the car i was in la] car. Hahahah. I think they were kinda confused or something… or amused. They wouldn’t stop starring at me until our rides split to different roads. Heh.


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