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whoaha. gotta type this fast. then get outta here. Don’t know what I’m doing using the computer right now. It’s gonna be 9:30 pm already. neways. Was watching Goodbye Zoey [EDIT: sorray, it was Chasing Zoey, not goodbye zoey] on youtube. Yep. the whole thing. it was awesome. and kinda weird. but whatever. it was cool. Nickelodeon suddenly stopped showing Zoey 101 in like the middle of season 3. and then this season 4 FINALE already aired this May in the US. what lah.

woke up at like 10:30 am, had breakfast blah blah blah. Then did INTENSE ALGEBRA for like, 2 hours. I know that’s not much, but it seemed like forever to me. But it was still pretty fun and all, cos I listening to the radio while doing it and stuff.

then I had lunch, ate errr what ah, umm I can’t remember. heheh.

then I did algebra AGAIN. after correcting like alotta mistakes, I went to the computer and I played until 7 pm. dad was too busy fixing the air con in the room that he didn’t bother to shoo us off after like one hour as he usually does. and mom was on the phone for a very long time too.

About Chasing Zoey. LOL. The end was soo… happy. 🙂 and the part when Michael saw Chase and found out that Chase and Zoey are a couple was SO funny [go watch it on youtube to see what I mean.]. It got kinda mushy at parts, but whatever. Tee Ming’s the one that always says that I hate action [mmhmm. we’ll se about that] and that I luuuurve watching mushy love stories. I’ll talk about that later.

During dinner I kinda laughed at some stupid thing that Teemo said and I kinda spewed/sprayed/spit the food that WAS in my mouth out. and May Lyn says some of it got into her food. and she was all ‘O.o’ and ‘ewwwww’-like. Typical mayo. x]

and then I made myself Ribena but it wasn’t mixed well so I kinda put my finger in the cup and stirred it abit. and May Lyn was all ‘O.o’ again. and then she brought up the topic of how I’ll never get dates and that my dates will all run away from me like ‘-stirs drink with my [TOTALLY CLEAN AND NOT DIRTY, JUST WASHED] finger-, boy goes ‘O.o’, then says ‘errr, i have to go… -boy runs off-‘

then mom goes all ‘whoever she marries will have to love her for who she is’ yada yada. -Nods head in agreement-. Yep. Whoever I marry should love me for who I am. Kinda like this:

You are the brightest star,
and I’m in love with who you who are.

-White Lines and Red Lights by Between The Trees. 😀


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