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Oooh. lemme post at least one more post before I disappear into oblivion [aka no internet] because of the stewpid upcoming final exams.

oh yah. i got all As cept one C in Sivik and a B in BM. expected. have to change that in the coming exam though.

Teheh. Meesirs gonna blog about … starting September. So we had our Sunday School Class Sleepover at Aunty Yim Lie’s. it was a blast. They gave me a surprise cake and song and everything. Twas awesome. 😀 and Jeff gave me a Fireflight CD. equally awesome! I love itt. then nat and tab had to go back early the next morning. We went to the Queensbay Beach-with-no-sand-how-lame-is-that and it was all good till Zara slipped on the rocks and fell on her butt and hurt herself. poor her. 😦 then the 3 Zs came back to my house and we did stuff. ate pizza and whatever. -insert personal thoughts here- [sry too personal, it’s going in my journal not here :]]

Then on Sunday i don’t wanna say anything but I got kinda mad and worked up over something. then happy again when I bought a Jet and Mcfly CD. Not so happy when I didn’t like the CDs when I first opened it up and listened to it. [for goodness sake the song booklet in the Jet CD didn’t even have lyrics, instead pictures of them smoking cigars. ew] Mcfly was a bit of a letdown because like ALL the songs were about girls. but after listening a few more times, I learned to like the songs, and pay less attention to the lyrics. The Jet one, I’ve only given it 2 listens so far. Till today I’ve been addicted to my Jason Mraz CD and Mcfly CD. Yep. I bought Jason Mraz [Mr. A-Z] and Mute Math. Now you must be wondering whyyyy did I buy so many? Because Borders is trying to get rid of all their CDs and by the time I went to Borders, whole shelves were empty AND all the good CDs I’ve been eyeing [PARAMORE AND ONEREPUBLIC OH MY WORD] were Gone. Like Frank Sinatra. Like Elvis and his mom. [you’d get that if you listen to switchfoot]


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