Oooh wow hahaa.

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2008 by ailyn24voices

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately [or maybe I have, there’s this thing called the Switchfoot Message Boards and I’m pretty much on there all the time, posting my views, opinions and mixing around with other great fams] so I tell this is gonna be a long post.

Switchfoot Studio Cam
The webcam has been back on for a few days now. Haven’t caught them on even ONCE cause of school, and sleep. Webcam seems to be on always at 2-6 am. Dang.

I’m getting braces. and 4 of my pre-molars extracted sometime soon. I’ll be going around with cotton stuffed in my cheeks after that.

I. Love. Livechat. Haha. So fun! and random.

[golden] 8:36 pm: Song no. 1
[caffeine-overload] 8:36 pm: TONIGHT
[eragon01] 8:36 pm: SCANIA!!!!!
[caffeine-overload] 8:36 pm: WE DINE
[caffeine-overload] 8:36 pm: IN HELLLLLLLL
[ailyn101] 8:36 pm: now i know what boys are like when they go mad.

hah. x]
I don’t have the rest of the converstation cos Abi said to type in /clear and being so curious I typed it in and the whole screen went BLANK. Hah. lol.

addicting. i must say.

I watched the funniest video yesterday. Crappy internet. I’ll post the link later.

Ohhh. That wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. Oh well.


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