Switchfoot Concert Live in Kay Elle, Malaysia. 02.02.08

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cont. πŸ™‚

Setlist: (thanks to Liz :D)

Intro – Meant To Live
Oh! Gravity
This Is Your Life
Lonely Nation
We Are One Tonight/The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
Only Hope
Learning To Breathe
Crazy In Love/Gone/Umbrella
American Dream
Dirty Second Hands
On Fire/High and Dry
Meant To Live


Dare You To Move

now where was I……….
oh yea.
I have a video of it, during the bridge, it’s incredibly awesome, cause it was set to zoom in at the time. Youtube won’t let me upload it. will keep trying though.
the bridge was insanely awesome. ( I use ‘awesome’ too many times, mhmm, how about……….spiffy? no, just no.)
the guitars were hanging……..Jon came down to the crowd, love the fact that he was so close to us, annoying( or should I say deathly) part was getting crushed.
I thought SF fans would be more civilized. geez.
he came down, the crowd was pulling him, Nat and May Lyn had to hang on to him for their LIVES because they were getting pushed back further and further.
so, Jon sang the rest of the bridge there. ‘I AM BROKEN I AM BITTER!’
ohehmgee I touched him thumb!!!1111 lyke omgosh it was sooooooo freakin cool.
talking to him would’ve been even more awesome. B-)

the crowd wouldn’t let Jon go, so he stayed there for quite a while. Chad started playing the drum beat for WAOT, before Tim went over to tell him that the next song is actually TIYL. πŸ˜€ funny chad.
There was one part, while the fangirls were screaming insanely while Jon was in the crowd, Jon said ‘They’re not letting go of me-hee-hee’ (he was half laughing :D) because it was time for the next song, and well, they weren’t letting go of him πŸ™‚

After Tim started playing the bass line for TIYL, the fans finally let Jon go, so he went back and started singing This Is Your Life.

‘Don’t close your eyes, don’t close your eyes, This is you LIFE’
the impact on LIFE on sweeeeeeet. ‘Are you who you want to be?’. Jon sang it with so much meaning, all of us were asking ourselves the same question ‘ This is my life, am I who I want to be?’
LOVED it when we all sang after Jon, ‘yea-eahhhhhh, yea-eahhhhhhhhh!’ πŸ˜€
guitar screaming.
thankyou Jon.
it was amazing.
even better than the pictures. πŸ˜‰
I have to try that someday.

oh yes, it’s true.
They played my request. booyeah.
Couldn’t help getting so excited when I heard Romey play the first few notes, clear sign of Lonely Nation.
it. was. incredible.
my favourite line has always been ‘separate we are one, desperate we are young, I want more than my lonely nation’. to see it come to life in front of me was supa sweet.

Next up was We Are One Tonight………….
As Jon was introducing the song, he said:
I’m pretty much blown away……is it true that this is our first time here?
*crowd goes wild* *screams YEAHHHH!!*
So where have you guys been all our lives?
*crowd goes wild* *AGAIN*
*joel goes ‘right here!!!!’, others follow suit :P*

‘So here’s to unity inspite of the ocean of insanity between us.’

Oh it was so awesome live.
the part when Jon and the crowd all go ‘We are one……………………. we are one…………………….we are one………………….we are ONE!!!!’
Talk about unity. I like the fact that all 2000 of us in that hall all came together for one reason, our love of music and switchfoot.

and in the middle…………..they played a bit of TSPTS.
I can’t remember much, all I know is that I had a great time singing along, because I put the camera down so that I could fully enjoy the moment. It’s my all-time favourite song, I’m glad they played it.

then it went back to WAOT. and the whole WE ARE ONE…………WE ARE ONE part. twas awesome. Jon sang with the whole crowd. He really sang We Are One with all his heart. Chad was awesome on the drums. They all were.
I loved the big ending, and when the song was done Jon was clapping and smiling and looked REALLY tired, probably from all the running and jumping about. ( he never stayed still the whole time he was singing, amazing)

After all that, the lights were dimmed, Jon had his acoustic guitar with him………
Jon: Apa khabar Malaysia? *smiling………..alot :)*
*crowd goes wilddddddd*

Jon: We’re gonna play a campfire song. We’ll just all pretend that we’re sitting around a California campfire. You just got done surfing…..all of you. Now we’re all just roasting marshmallows…….

*crazy girls scream*

*starts playing intro for Only Hope*

I bet Nat was grinning from ear to ear when she heard this. She love love loves Only Hope.
Jon played solo, the first verse, the chorus, then the bridge, and then the whole band came in for the chorus.
My favourite part that.
When the drums, bass, and electric guitars came in.

ahhh. 2 nights and I only managed to cover less than half of the concert.
oh well.
will continue tomorrow. πŸ™‚


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