Switchfoot Concert, KL, Malaysia. 02.02.08

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I love typing that. :DDD
it’s the only date that comes to my mind when someone mentions February.

anyway. after all those opening bands and stuff and what not and delay after delay.
oh yeah!! I saw Drew and a bit of the rest of the guys at the room ‘up there’, behind the glass taking a peak just before or just after one of the opening bands. ahahaha. that got me really excited. even more excited than when I saw Romey’s back when they were doing soundcheck. hehe. *stalker*

after the break, and the chanting of ‘Switchfootswitchfootswitchfootswitchfoot, Suhwhichfoot………..suhwhichfoot…………..suhwhichfoot’
(they went too fast so they decided to slow down abit after a while :D)
the lights dimmed……………….
OMG, James was right, the rush of adrenalin that goes through you when Switchfoot comes on stage is amazinggggggggggggggggg.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. the guys I’ve been watching through podcasts, youtube videos and pictures are right. in. front. of. me.
trying not to look at them through my camera, so I just held the camera above me head (which later resulted in really shaky videos and some parts not even showing Switchfoot,) and sang, or shouted, along. You just can’t help but sing along to Switchfoot songs! they’re just so, sing-along-able. Whether the songs are playing in your room, or on your mp3, or being played LIVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU……… just can’t help but sing along!
They started with a good rock riff, the Meant To Live intro, and the eager crowd sang along “Fumbling his confidence and wondering why the world has passed him byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” before realising they were not really playing the whole song. Jon shouted ‘Mari kita rock sungguh-sungguh!’ and the crowd went crazy, again, even more high-pitched screaming inserted, then they started playing………… OH!GRAVITY.

Oh my Gravity, it was AWESOME.
singing along to it felt so great, everyone was shouting, screaming and singing along to this happy clap rock tune………..
I loved it when the first line was sung…. ‘There’s a fracture, in the color bar, in the back seat, of the parked car, by the liquor store, where the streetlight, keep you company, till the next night!’

and when everyone went ‘OH! GRAVITY, why can’t WE!!! seem to KEEP IT TOGETHER???? SONS of my ENEMIES, WHY CAN’T WE? seem to KEEP IT TOGETHER’
the energy was INCREDIBLE. even the guy next to me, who apparently didn’t really know the words, couldn’t help mumbling along! not that good for the ears, but it was nice to see that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can NOT sing along to them live. impossible.

and when Jon left the singing to us during the bridge for a while, (actually I don’t think that part was for us to sing,, anway :D) it was so nice to hear the whole crowd singing with just their guitars and stuff.
and when Jon held up his mic for us to sing………of course he was singing along too, he never stopped although he wasn’t singing to the mic. he was singing WITH us, not just FOR us.

[will put video up soon]

oh and ‘la-lalala-la-la-laaaa-lalala-la-la-lalalalala- let’s keep it together.’

‘We’re Switchfoot from San Diego, California’. ah, so humble, like we didn’t know that already. 🙂
after Oh! GRAVITY was
muting the chords first, with the crowd clapping along, then they went full on
I love that riff. *swoon
twas so awesome live
at this point, the girls who were screaming pointlessly were still going. still going strong. sigh.

at the bridge, Jon held up the mic for us to sing too. 😀
all while holding his guitar high up, WITH ONE HAND. lol, I don’t think i can do that.

\the clearest picture I managed to take at the concert. During stars. Love the lights.

after Stars was POLITICIANS.
‘I pledge alligience to the country without borders, without politicians’
my favourite line 😀
the lights for this song were insaaaaane. 😀 loved it. the lights and the song. 🙂

[will upload video soon, :)]

it’s late, I have to get more bass tabs, for learning to breathe especially, g’night peoples.
will continue review tomorrow. 😉


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