my pre-SWITCHFOOT concert review.

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So after we got out tickets ‘lasered’, torn and uh checked, I ran into the hall (yes, I ran. oh I’m so immature. sue me. :D) and saw Andy who let me and mah gang (oh yeahhhh, we gangstas) stand next to and behind him. WHICH WAS RIGHT UP FRONT AND IN THE MIDDLE!!!!.
so we got a good place in the moshpit, and before we knew it the rest of the hall was already filled.
waited for about 45 minutes, then the emcees came on and started wasting time by giving away flyfm goodies and what not. geez, delay a show will ya?
and the Gibson SG was snatched up.
then they started playing music (I can’t remember was this before of after the emcees came on?) and when they played Muse’s Time Is Running Out ( I have despised this song since a long time ago because it kept beating Switchfoot songs on UP2U, so I haven’t really given it a chance, hehe) most of the crowd started singing along to it……………….
then later Andy Barron and if I’m not mistaken Chris Beaty came out on the stage………..people started chanting Switchfoot, Switchfoot while they were busy setting up the gear and stuff so….

Then Love Me Butch came on. This was the first time I’ve seen a real band play live, with the lights and huge speakers and everything, and I wasn’t really impressed. As I watched that band play I was wondering ‘Is this what it’s like to watch a band play live?’. I wasn’t pumped, at all, while all the other girls were screaming. The thought of me having this same feeling when Switchfoot goes on stage was unthinkable. But it did come into my head………so I got a bit worried.
The only thing nice about that band was the guitarist. He’s a real pro. At least that’s what I think.
The bassist only playing the same note most of the time while shaking his hair, ALOT, was disturbing.
The singer screaming and singing words which I didn’t get, while jumping about weeeirdly was also disturbing.
Maybe it was just the songs…..idk.
I’m not bashing the band of anything…..the performance was….OK.
Let’s just say it had ALOT of energy. So that’s GOOD.

*gets rid of negative attitude*
correction: *TRIES to get rid of negative attitude*
that’s their idea of rocking out. and I’m okay with it.

*cracks up*

kay, I’m done.

(note: sorry I’m being so critical. I don’t like it either.)
Altered Frequency was okay. I WILL NOT BASH THEM. the end.
After what seemed to be 4 + 4 very long songs by the two AMAZING opening acts……………………………………………………they took an incredibly long break. šŸ˜€
okay, it wasn’t that long…….and it didn’t seem too long when I was there either. Hanging out at a rock show is fun! being able to connect with strangers who have the same interests as you was really cool.

anyway, that was my post-pre, pre-Switchfoot-coming-on-stage experience. :]
:] :] :] :] šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ :] šŸ™‚ :] šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

Love Me Butch.
I am an incredibly bad concert photographer. Why why why didn’t I use flash?

Altered Frequency Guy.


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