In Uncategorized on February 15, 2008 by ailyn24voices

let’s see…..
(I like making lists)
1. Was Valentines day. Completely forgot, means nothing to me though. ‘_’

2. I blew off the my prefect’s interview. I showed up of course, like the ‘responsible’ person I am…………………….then I blew them off.

3. Stayed up till 12 am watching Americano Idolo.

4. Found out about the Love Is The Movement thingy, hence me taking a picture of my arms with the word LOVE written on it. 😀

5. I am bored. Which is why I’m doing this. Oh sorryyyy, that’s completely irrevelant to anything that happened yesterday.

6. oh wait, yeahhhh. Got an mp3 of the audio from this video.
Incredible audio quality by the way. Props to the camera. and of course, the holder of the camera. 😉 And for the mp3, thanks Paaja. 🙂 I O U.


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