I’ve delayed this for too long…..

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one week after the concert and I still haven’t blogged about it. too busy looking at my autographed LOC booklet. πŸ˜€

The night before the concert I was supposed to be sleeping earlier, but I left packing to the last minute so….yeah. I’m a last minute person. I CONFESS. Like you people didn’t know about it. so I went to bed at around 11pm. But I couldn’t get to sleeeeeeep, ahhh. I couldn’t clear the thoughts in my head, so I managed to sleep only at about 1 am. sheesh.

woke up at 5.30 am the next day. the day of the concert. wow.
Went to the bus station at around 6:45 am. Nat, Rehanna, Jeff and everybody were already there. Bus left at around 7 am. During that 5 hour bus trip I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. not even once. Like Jeff said, ‘Too busy thinking about Switchfooot’. πŸ˜›

We reached KL at around 11.30. First time at a bus station in KL. In this case, it was the Pudu bus station.
one word. CROWDED.
Went to KFC, us girls weren’t too keen on it but, whateverlah, Jeff pointed it out what. (excuse my manglish :))

The line at KFC was insanely long (not as long as the line for the concert, we found out later :D) so it took about 30 minutes to get our food. We needed to use the toilet, the one in KFC was closed. So we spent the next 30 minutes after eating, walking around KL looking for a toilet.
Then we found one, in the middle of this street. It was so high tech man! excuse us simple Penang-nites, I have never seen one like that before.

Went to LRT station at like uh…..1 pm? took LRT after LRT after LRT and finally we reached what’s it called? I can’t remember but we met Rehanna’s aunt and brother there. We dumped our bags with her (hehe) and Joel took over Rehanna’s mom’s babysitting duty from there.

then we took the LRT, again. all the way back…….
and we reached KLCC.
oh yeah there was this one part while riding in the LRT this weird guy with long curly hair stood right in front of Nat, who was sitting down. ( can’t explain it properly but, all I can tell ya is that it looked pretty weird.) The look on her face was priceless.

Still couldn’t get to sleep on that long, long LRT ride.

Reached KLCC at around 1.45pm. Followed the signs until we reached Tower Records, where Jeff and Jonathan were at, didn’t see them. BIG BIG temptation to go inside, I’ve never seen a record store that big…….but, must go to the concert first. and early. when we reached the venue there wasn’t a line yet, so we hung out by the concert doors (or as close as we could, to the concert doors) and I managed to catch a glimpse of Jerome’s back, a few times. haha.
So we could hear them soundchecking………could hear Jon singing…. πŸ˜€ was so surreal. Then saw a line was forming already so we hurried to the line, we were already a few rows behind. sorta camped over there, sitting down and talking and stuff for about 5 hours.
Before lining up I met Andy, who was wearing a ‘Switchfoot live in SINGAPORE’ tee. I believe my first words to him were ‘ Oh My Gosh you have a Switchfoot t-shirt!’

later in the line I met Rachel and her bunch of friends. Talked to her, and some of her friends, I think….can’t remember. geez, who knew my memory could be that bad.

At around 4:12. okay, it WAS 4.12. and there was this big LED or LCD or whatever it’s called clock thing. HUGE clock thing on a TALL tower next to the building we were in, so, I didn’t take out my camera cos I didn’t want the security people to see it, (especially after they had already put up a couple of signs saying in big red letters that cameras are NOT allowed in the concert hallll………..bummer) so we used nat’s camera phone i think, again….can’t remember. anyway, random moment right there.

—–whoah I’m writing this whole LONG blog post and it isn’t even about the concert. it’s before the concert.—–

so at around 5:30 we noticed that the line had not only become longer but it became FATTER too. Caused by the inconsiderate Malaysians who so easily cut the line because we, the other malaysians are too polite to point it out to them.
so we ended up being wayyyy behind in the line.
and it started getting squishy, nobody was sitting anymore, occasionally me and may lyn squated down to ease our leg cramps, but it only got worse, partly because we were starring at people’s butts when we squated down and also because, squating is not sitting. nuff said.

more later…..


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