Oh my goose!

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I can’t believe it.

I tried calling flyfm the moment I heard the djs say they were in the studio…… before they even told us to call and stuff. So I wasn’t really expecting them to pick up. AND THEY DID! I had no idea what to say I was like ‘ahhh, ermmm,ummmm’ geez.
And Tee Ming, was in the background screaming Ai Lyn is talking to when it was actually flyfm. So Shell and Hafiz were like, ‘It’s flyfm! not hitz! lol!’.
what a nice start!
anyway, when I heard Jon’s voice I was SPEECHLESS. I couldn’t even say ‘Hey, Jon!’ in the coolness of ways.
They kept asking me whether I wanted to ask a question and of course, in my head I was thinking YEAHH, I have like a billion things I want to ask you guys!! (eg: to drew: What is Das?, or ‘Are you a rapper?’ I think it was about time the truth was unveiled to the world) I was like gasping for breath even the deejays and Switchfoot had to tell me to calm down and take a deep breath lol.
So the first thing that came to mind was ‘Do you think Lonely Nation would’ve been a good single?’ The deejays were like ‘you really know the stuff!’ and Jon (who answered most of the questions, with Tim) said yeah, he thought it would’ve made a good single. I said that’s what most of us boardies were saying. so Jon was like ‘ You can tell that Sony is really regretting it now’ lol. They even said I should go back with them to San Diego and pick songs and stuff lol, I don’t think I’ll be able to do as good a job as Tim Palmer or Steve Lillywhite. Cos the songs, on Oh!G are AWESOME. Must’ve been a tough job, picking from over 50 songs.
This is too much for me to type. Let’s just hope I do get down to typing out everything later. I’m just too tired now. MUST. SAVE.ENERGY . FOR . CONCERT.


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