In Uncategorized on February 1, 2008 by ailyn24voices

I’m going to see Switchfoot!!!
In concert!!!!
and hopefully get to meet them too!!!!!

Thankyou GOD!

I was already diagnosed with the I’m-going-to-a-SF-concert when I first found out I was going. But the symptoms really started to show today, in school. I was JUMPY and DAYDREAMING. couldn’t focus at all.
Dare You To Move from podcast 25 kept playing in my head. I could see Jon jumping right in front of me, I could see Drew winking at me, Tim smiling, Chad pulling that face that he always does when he’s playing the drums, and Jerome being the awesome guy that he is. AHHHHHH

Pray that everything will go well,
pray that our bus won’t crash or even worse, BREAK-DOWN. 😉


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