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The boards aren’t working. Now what am I supposed to do all day…….. study?
just kidding.

according to Phil it’s


As you may have noticed, our message boards and our online magazine are both temporarily unavailable due to server issues. Please bear with us, we are working on getting these sites back online even as we speak. Thank you,

Meanwhile, we have exciting news: Jon Foreman’s Winter EP has peaked at #9 on iTunes’ Top Albums chart, and #2 in the “Rock” category. The rousing reception of this EP propelled Fall EP to #10 in the “Rock” category, too.

that sucks bad. thanks for telling us Phil, or I’d be going crazy by now. I thought it was my internet server that was the problem.
I hope you people, the team that makes the boards so awesome, will be able to fix this ASAP. good luck!

oh and Rehanna won an Oh!Gravity cd today! whooooooooot.
she requested for Awakening, as did I, yesterday, her today, so that’s twice, not counting the times I’ve called Flyfm’s Night Flight to request for Awakening or Oh!Gravity, so uh……yeah.
they didn’t play it. *expected*

It’ll be a day like this one,
when they play an O!G song,
on the radio mayyyyyybe a LTB song,
I am discontented,
with the raa-ay-ay-di-O
is there any other song to sing besides these blues?
It’ll be a day like this one,
when the world caves in, when the world caves in,
when the world caves in.



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