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The first day of school.
I’ve been looking forward to this day the whole of last year.
No, I’m being serious.

You: Seriously???!??!
Me: Yes, seriously.
You: Reallly????!!??
Me: Yes, really.
You: Oh Ehm Gee! Like for real?
Me: No, I’m being sarcastic.
You: oh.

or you could’ve have been going ‘ whatever’.
most likely that.

Highlight of my day.
Mucking around when we were supposed to be ‘gotong-royong’ing. Apparently there was nothing to clean up ( except for the trees, the plants and a couple of leaves. maybe we should have picked them up ) so the prefects just told us to go back to our classes. After climbing 3 flights of stairs I finally reached my class. Oh the Pain! Oh the Time that I took to get up to my class.
and after thinking there was something wrong with my class schedule (there were nine periods on friday instead of the usual 8), I found out that it was actually correct.

Hear Ye Hear Ye *trumpets playing the Da. Da. Da. Da. song*
Students of SGGS now have to stay back till 2.00pm EVERY STINKIN FRIDAY till the end of our schooling at this school.
all this just to add 2 periods of Moral Ed to our timetables.
So much for TGIF.

Have you noticed that I haven’t used a single exclamation mark in this blog post so far? that’s like, really unusual of me.
( no, it wasn’t me, it was you. ‘You: Really?????!!?!‘. there you have it.)

This is so freaky it’s freaking me out.

~Oh my Lord, to suffer like you do. It would be a lie, to runaway~
-The Cure For Pain- Jon Foreman

So I’ve decided to bear up with my problems. After all, if Jesus could suffer a death so painful, and not complain (except for the part where he said ‘O my Lord why did you forsake me’. I don’t know whether that’s counted as complaining……….. probably isn’t.), then I could bear up with these few problems without complaining. Okay, I will complain. But I won’t complain THAT much. 😉

and I did it!!!!! I just typed out an entire post without using any exclamation marks!!!!!!!!
oh, no. I just ruined it.


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