It’s Christmas!

In Uncategorized on December 25, 2007 by ailyn24voices

It’s Christmas!! The birthday (well not the exact date) of our Lord Jesus Christ! but all I’m seeing in the newspapers and on TV are cheesy Santa Clauses.

Anyways, Christmas has always been my favourite holiday, doing the same thing every year. Dragging myself out of bed to go to morning Christmas service in church. Seeing my friends, eating lunch and of course, Ice KACANG!!! (though today Zara, Nat and I just shared one bowl of ICE(shavingsla). without the kacang. 😀 we never did like the beans.)

and there’s the christmas message before eating.

making fun of 2 certain people (ahemtanahemmit) (she’s gonna kill me if she sees this. or at least if she can figure it out)

I don’t know why people always say one of the good things about Christmas is the presents. Coming from someone who (if lucky) gets one or two gifts a year. 😀

and there’s that thing about sending messages and greetings and saying merry Xmas instead of Merry Christmas. I always thought that the X stands for the cross cos if you tip it to the side it becomes a cross! like this: X, t . something like that anyway.^_^

but apparently not. so uh, don’t do it! replace Christ with a X I mean.


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