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In Uncategorized on December 13, 2007 by ailyn24voices

I’m trying to contact Crossborders or any other malaysia concert/event management or organiser to book Switchfoot for their upcoming tour which apparently includes stops at Singapore(31st January 2007) and Jakarta. Mainly I’m trying to contact Crossborders because of the article I read in The Star online news, which quoted Wing Meng, the brainchild of Crossborders, saying:

“People don’t really know the indie scene and they don’t understand the indie culture. I approached one sponsor about the prospect of bringing down US rock band Switchfoot and they didn’t know who they were”

If they DON’T know about Switchfoot, then TELL them ABOUT SWITCHFOOT and have them listen to their songs, read their concert reviews and interviews.

On Sept 10th 2007, Switchfoot performed in Manila for the first time ever, where 20% of the profits went to the International Justice Mission ( that rescues sexually abused young girls). I read quite a few blogs where the blogger said they were not really fans of Switchfoot but they really enjoyed the the concert anyway. ( and since then they have become fans :D)

I recently read someone’s comment on Switchfoot’s myspace saying “WHY AREN’T YOU COMING TO MALAYSIA??? CAN’T YOU EVEN CROSS A DANG BRIDGEEE??? T-T”.

that was extrememely RUDE.

FYI, Switchfoot does not book their own shows. Contact your local event/concert organiser and have them book Switchfoot. Which is what I’m trying to do, but unfortunately, I’m not succeeding. I am fully relying on God’s help right now.


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